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Employee travel guides on HomeAway

posted Sep 25, 2013 Diving in Jacob's Well

Original photo of Diving in Jacob’s Well on Flicker

I recently contributed a couple of employee travel guides / trips reports to The travel guides were lacking in outdoor adventures. One is titled Austin, TX Outdoor Adventures and covers all of the rock climbing walls on the Greenbelt, kayaking & tubing Barton Creek, and a few more activities and places. A second article titled Climbing Mountains Around Seattle, WA covers Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan, and Glacier Peak.

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Texas River Flow, my 10k contest entry

posted Aug 25, 2010 Texas River Flow Application

Texas River Flow App

Part of the app is currently broken due to a change in the USGS api.

My entry in the aneventapart10k contest is a little application that lets you check the river flow (cfs) of Texas rivers. The application gets it’s data from the “USGS water data service“ along with related photos from flickr.

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The Devils River, Memorial Day 2010

posted Jun 21, 2010 Devils River Memorial Day 2010

Put in at Baker’s Crossing on Friday, May 28th and paddled to The Indian Head Ranch 40 miles down river.

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Adam's Glacier Route, Mount Adams

posted Jun 16, 2010 Rob on the Adams Glacier Route, Mt. Adams

With seven of us on the climb this year it felt more like an expedition.

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Devils River Kayaking, July 4th 2009

posted Jul 22, 2009 Devils River Kayaking

We put in the kayaks at Bakers Crossing on Friday, July 3rd. The next 2 days we covered 23 miles to our take out at Gerald Baily’s place, Devils River Outfitters.

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Devil's River Kayaking

posted Apr 14, 2009 Devil's River first night campsite

On Friday, November 28th through Monday, December 1st Mike Longfellow and I paddled the Devils River from Baker’s Crossing to Rough Canyon Marina (47 miles). This river is notoriously pristine and remote. The weather was perfect and there was plenty of good fishing and rapids along the way.

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Ice Climbing Video Made From Photographs

posted Apr 13, 2009

That’s me leading and Paul Bostrom following and taking the ice screws out.

The frozen waterfall is located just off the highway past Wolf Creek Ski area in Colorado.

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Mount Rainier via the Kautz Glacier route

posted Apr 12, 2009 Mount Rainer Kautz Glacier route

Rob, Ryan and I climbed the Kautz Glacier route on Mount Rainier, July 22 – July 25. We summited at noon on Thursday, July 24 (my birthday)

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Madsen Cycles Bucket Bike

posted Apr 11, 2009 Madsen Cycles tub bike with my dog Paddy

The first Saturday of SXSW 2009 was the Bike Hugger Mobile Social Ride. It was pretty short, fun ride around Austin starting at couple block away from Mellow Johnny’s bike shop. One girl had bike made from bamboo and horn. No one seemed to mind the ride was short since it ended with free bar-b-que, beer and a raffle ticket for chance to win one of two bikes available (also an apple tv and a bunch crumpler bags). Mine was the last number called and it was for the Madsen Cycles bucket bike.

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Project Nature

posted Mar 17, 2009 Baby Bird in a nest

While climbing at Gus Fruh on the greenbelt one afternoon I saw an empty bird nest. I drew this little guy to fill the nest and leave behind for someone else to find. It probably sitting on a shelf in someone’s apartment now. A couple weeks later I checked on it while out climbing again – someone made off with the nest and all.

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