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Tubing and Kayaking Barton Creek

posted Mar 12, 2009 Tubing Barton Creek in Austin TX

Barton Creek, on the green belt in Austin, is usually a dry, rocky creek bed. Every few years we are lucky enough to receive enough rain in the area to fill it up long enough for a few runs in the tubes or kayaks. 2007 was the last year the creek maintained enough water to run.

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Airmans's Cave to the Aggie Art Gallery

posted Mar 02, 2009 Airman's Cave in the Aggie Art Gallery

On Sunday March, 4 2007 my friends Mike and Julian and I decided to check out Airman’s Cave on the Greenbelt in Austin. We have read and heard stories about the cave which is only a few miles from where I live near Barton Springs.

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Mount Baker Coleman Headwall Route

posted Apr 01, 2008 Mount Baker

July 24th, 2007 we summited Mount Baker by the Coleman Headwall route. If I had submitted the story of our climb to the American Alpine Club’s Journal of North American Climbing Accidents the title would have read: “Late start, didn’t carry over, failure to leave climbing plan with rangers”. Luckily we didn’t have an accident, just a little late.

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