Mountaindrawn is the personal site of UI/UX developer Patrick Lewis. The original site built 7 years ago was a challenge for myself to create a hand drawn website featuring climbing trips (I kept an archived version). View my resume.

The current revision of mountaindrawn illustrates climbing trips using more recent technology than the pen & ink and watercolor used to create the original. The idea was to use all svg but after reading the htmlrocks article on clipping and seeing the amazingly simple species-in-pieces project I went with css clip-path. Svg illustrations are displayed if clip-path is not supported. (see current support)

The main purpose for doing this project was to learn some new technologies and techniques. Much of what I learned came from other blog posts, articles and examples on codepen. Feel free to learn from and use the source of this project.

There are several more mountains and route I plan on adding soon. A few at the top of the list are El Portrero Chico featuring the classic Estrallita, Mt Rainier Kautz Glacier Route, and the Mt Baker Coleman Headwall.

The Texas Riverflow app is still available.

The Mountains